Date Name Venue Time Meeting Place Meet Time Uniform
26 Feb 2017BB ParadePeedie Kirk10:45:00BB Hall09:45:00Civies
26 Mar 2017BB ParadeEast Kirk10:45:00BB Hall09:45:00Civies
17 May 2017Norway DayBroad Street12:00:00Pierhead11:30:00Full
03 Jun 2017Broad Street ParadeBroad Street19:30:00The Castle18:30:00Full
17 Jun 2017Finstown GalaFinstown19:30:00Back of Baikies Stores18:45:00Full
17 Jun 2017St Magnus ParadeCatherdral to Pier20:30:00Victoria Hall19:30:00Full
01 Jul 2017Broad Street ParadeBroad Street19:30:00The Castle18:30:00Full
15 Jul 2017Broad Street ParadeBroad Street19:30:00The Castle18:30:00Full
05 Aug 2017Broad Street ParadeBroad Street19:30:00The Castle18:30:00Full
10 Aug 2017Fancy DressParade Dounby18:30:00Back gate of park18:00:00Full
12 Aug 2017County ShowBignold Park14:00:00Colin Anderson`s13:00:00Full
13 Aug 2017Riding the MarchesBroad Street13:30:00The Castle12:15:00Full
16 Aug 2017Wideford RunBroad Street19:00:00The Castle18:30:00Full
19 Aug 2017Broad Street ParadeBroad Street19:30:00The Castle18:30:00Full
09 Sep 2017Broad Street ParadeBroad Street19:00:00The Castle18:00:00Full
04 Nov 2017Bonfire NightPickaquoy19:00:00The Castle18:00:00Full
12 Nov 2017Remembrance SundayLegion/Cathedral10:30:00Legion09:00:00Full
02 Dec 2017Tree LightingCathedralN/AThe CastleN/AFull
31 Dec 2017Hogmanay Broad StreetBroad Street23:30:00The Castle22:30:00Full

Date Liner Location Ship Time
29 May 2017Hatston PierNorwegian Jade16:40:00
07 Jun 2017Hatston PierMSC Preziosa19:40:00
08 Jun 2017Hatston PierArtania19:40:00
12 Jun 2017Hatston PierMagellan18:40:00
23 Jun 2017Hatston PierMein Schiff 117:40:00
25 Jun 2017Hatston PierCaribbean Princess16:40:00
26 Jun 2017Hatston PierViking Sky18:40:00
06 Jul 2017Hatston PierViking Sky17:40:00
07 Jul 2017Hatston PierQueen Elizabeth19:25:00
13 Jul 2017Hatston PierViking Sea17:40:00
17 Jul 2017Hatston PierDisney Magic17:40:00
20 Jul 2017Hatston PierAdonia18:40:00
21 Jul 2017Hatson PierColumbus17:40:00
22 Jul 2017Hatston PierMein Schiff 417:40:00
25 Jul 2017Hatston PierAIDAvita19:10:00
26 Jul 2017Hatston PierNorwegian Jade18:40:00
28 Jul 2017Hatston PierMSC Preziosa19:40:00
30 Jul 2017Hatson PierCosta Magica19:40:00
31 Jul 2017Hatson PierCrystal Symphony17:40:00
03 Aug 2017Hatston PierOriana18:40:00
04 Aug 2017Hatston PierAIDAcara17:40:00
06 Aug 2017Hatston PierSaga Sapphire17:40:00
07 Aug 2017Hatston PierOcean Majesty17:40:00
09 Aug 2017Hatston PierQueen Elizabeth18:10:00
20 Aug 2017Hatston PierAstor16:40:00
22 Aug 2017Hatston PierMSC Preziosa19:40:00
25 Aug 2017Hatston PierAIDAcara17:40:00
26 Aug 2017Hatston PierAIDAluna18:40:00
29 Aug 2017Hatston PierNorwegian Jade18:40:00
11 Sep 2017Hatston PierColumbus17:40:00
15 Sep 2017Hatston PierAIDAcara17:40:00
21 Sep 2017Hatston PierNorwegian Jade18:40:00

Date Concert Name Venue Time Of Event
21 Apr 2017BurstingOrkney Arts Theatre19:30:00
22 Apr 2017BurstingOrkney Arts Theatre19:30:00
12 Jul 2017Mini ConcertSt Magnus Centre19:00:00
19 Jul 2017Mini ConcertSt Magnus Centre19:00:00

Date Competition Name Location
No competitions planned for 2017

Date Event Venue Time